A big part of Jesus' mission on the earth was to ensure that God's love goes global. Jesus, in his brilliance, chooses to accomplish this by empowering ordinary men and women to lead. Then he spells out what that Leadership looks like... and what He seems to really mean by 'lead' is 'serve'.

Servant leadership is at the core of all that we do as disciples of Jesus! 

Something for everyone

John Wimber and the fathers of the Vineyard Movement captured, in this phrase, the history of God, the heart of Christ, the goal of the Church, and the call of the Christian: "Everybody gets to play!"

  • Join one of our sunday morning teams

    Sunday Mornings are a great time to serve and to lead at Doral Vineyard. Click here to find out how you can be a part of our Sunday Service Team.

  • Lead a small group

    Small group leaders and small group hosts are men and women who have encountered the Grace of  our God and are ready to share and encourage others in experiencing the same. Simply put, they  freely give because they've freely received. Click here for more information about how you can lead a small group.

  • Other areas of leadership

    New areas of leadership are always being added. Click here to find out what areas of leadership are needed at Doral Vineyard.