• Bible study

    Everyone at Doral Vineyard is encouraged to read and study the Bible regularly, because it tells of God's love for us, testifies of Jesus, and guides us through life. We read and study the Bible together because through study and discussion we gain new insights and benefit from one another's spiritual journeys. Visit our small groups section to find a bible study that best fits you.

  • Groups that grow

    While all of our small groups are great for connecting with Jesus and with one another, many of our small groups were formed with the specific aim of maturing disciples of Christ. Click here to visit our small groups listing and find a group that's right for you. 


    Stay tuned for upcoming conferences and classes that are designed to serve you as you grow in your walk with Christ. 

  • visit us on sunday @ 11am

    The best way to connect and know more about Doral Vineyard is to attend a Sunday morning service. Click here for more information about Sundays.

  • join a small group

    Small groups are a great way to get connected with other people who are the same journey of knowing God and following Jesus. We have multiple small groups that meet across the city, on different days of the week, and at various times. Click here to learn more about small groups or click here to find a small group that best fits you.

  • Get baptized

    If you're a new follower of Jesus, getting baptized is an important next step for you. Baptism is a public proclamation of your private decision to follow Christ. Our Sunday Morning Water Baptism Celebration gives an opportunity to publicly express to your church, friends and family the commitment you have made to following Jesus Christ. At Doral Vineyard, baptisms are a way for us  to celebrate God's love and power at work in your life. Click here to find out how to get baptized.